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Attack of the 50 ft. WomanChristina Empedocles
The BirdsChristina Empedocles
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Landscape Simulation: Little House on the Prairie / Good Times (Cabrini Green)Pamela Valfer
Landscape Simulation: Star Trek / Mars / Villa SavoyeChristina Empedocles
Levon and DocChristina Empedocles
I love you foreverChristina Empedocles
Dress for AdventureChristina Empedocles
IndigoChristina Empedocles
So What's Our Problem?Christina Empedocles
Unkempt 1Christina Empedocles
Unkempt 3Pamela Valfer
Landscape Simulation: Wisconsin Dells (The Sugar Bowl) / Brownshill Dolmen, County Carlow, IrelandHarold and MaudePamela Valfer
Landscape Simulation: The Shining / Gilligan's Island / Magnum PIPamela Valfer
Landscape Simulation: Gordale Scar, North Yorkshire England / Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, GermanyPamela Valfer
Landscape Simulation: Planet of the Apes / Tatooine / County Clare, irelandPamela Valfer
Landscape Simulation: Cyahoga River, Cleveland, OH / Garforum Weimar; Gebaude Gliederungen der Nationalsozialistische (Building of the Scetion of the National Socialist German Workers' Party) Weimar, GermanyPamela Valfer
Landscape Simulation:Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Devil's Tower)/Tree, Kilfenora, IrelandChristina Empedocles
SunflowersChristina Empedocles
Danny Ask SandyChristina Empedocles and Pamela Valfer / Exactitude Christina Empedocles and Pamela Valfer / Exactitude Christina Empedocles and Pamela Valfer / Exactitude Christina Empedocles and Pamela Valfer / Exactitude Christina Empedocles and Pamela Valfer / Exactitude Christina Empedocles and Pamela Valfer / Exactitude
Christina Empedocles and Pamela Valfer / Exactitude
September 14- November 11, 2012
MINNEAPOLIS – Painstaking, meticulous, almost photographic detail connect the works by Christina Empedocles and Pamela Valfer in “Exactitude” the new show opening Fri., Sept 14 at Burnet Gallery in Le Méridien Chambers, Minneapolis. Both artists also explore the concept of memory and reality.

Valfer creates hyper-real, hybridized landscapes that merge real and imaginary landscapes giving equal weight to nature and fiction. She juxtaposes scenic natural elements with iconic urban landmarks. In one piece the cliffs of Gordale Scar, North Yorkshire blend with Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, Germany. Another drawing blends the pastoral serenity of Little House on the Prairie with the urban, tenement apartment of Good Times.

Empedocles’ work plays with the concept of memory and the questionable veracity of its imperfect nature. Everything she depicts is almost three-dimensional in its realism yet incomplete. The subject is frequently obscured, or partially hidden. Letters are crumbled, comic strips torn away, illustrations cut, curled about the edges or torn. She only reveals part of the story leaving the viewer to ponder the possibilities of what is left untold.

Pamela Valfer (www.pamelavalfer.com) received a BFA from Minneapolis College of Art & Design and an MFA in Drawing and Painting from University of Minnesota. Valfer has received grants from The Bush Education Fund & the Minnesota State Arts Board, as well as a residency grant from the Vermont Studio Center. She has exhibited her visual artwork in Australia, Japan, the United States and was recently included in EVA International Visual Arts Biennial (Ireland). Since 2004 Valfer has been an instructor at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, College of Visual Arts and Metropolitan State University.

Christina Empedocles (www.christinaempedocles.com ) has been awarded public art projects at the University of California, San Francisco, and with the San Francisco Arts Commission. Her work has been included in New American Paintings, Studio Visit Magazine, American Art Collector Magazine, Manifest’s International Drawing Annual, and Curvy. She was a finalist for the Tornesol Award for 2010, and currently shows in New York, Denver and San Francisco.