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Michael Gaughan / BUCK TURBO
Recent Watercolor Paintings
July 13 through September 9, 2012

Opening Reception: Friday July 13, 6-9pm. Public welcome.

Minnesota-based artist, illustrator and performer Michael Gaughan is a triple threat who instills a sense of humor into his latest solo exhibition, “Buck Turbo” opening Friday, July 13 at Burnet Gallery, 901 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.

In Buck Turbo, vivid watercolors incorporate satire and paridy to keep viewers engaged and fighting a smile as they discover the punchline to his visual “jokes.”

As Gaughan notes in his artist statement, “I treat the task of making paintings the same way a comedian approaches writing a 30 minute standup comedy routine. I try to harness the positive entertainment value of comedy into my watercolor paintings. The lack of "set-up...punchline" and the lack of "timing and pacing" are two obvious limitations I faced while working on this series. However there is plenty of hilarity to be found in the duality of pairing the real with the ideal, and pairing the expected and the unexpected.”

While some artists seem to relish being angst-ridden, Gaughan’s works are playful, irreverent and quirky.

“I come from a positive place,” notes Gaughan. “I want to use my art to entertain other people and bring joy into their lives. I have experienced a spectrum of comedic joke art, and I have organized a gage to help explain my intentions in these works. There are three points on my gage, on the far left is "parody", in the middle is ‘satire’, and on the far right is ‘sarcasm’. I consider my works parody and possibly pastiche, but never satirical, sarcastic, or negative."

Michael Gaughan has a BFA in painting from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and an MEd from the University of Minnesota. He was awarded City Pages' 69th most creative person in the Twin Cities 2010, and L'Etoile's Best Artist of 2011. He has been a visiting artist at the Walker Art Center, and at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. He has exhibited his paintings in numerous group and solo shows including Deitch Projects at Art Basel Miami, Deplayer in Rotterdam, Portland Institute for Contemporary Arts in Oregon, the Ace Hotel in New York City, at the Soap Factory, Soo Vac Gallery, and the LACE Museum in Los Angeles. His paintings have recently been used in a neurological medical study of aesthetic experiences at Liverpool John Moores University. He received the 2004 Jerome grant for emerging artists. He has been interviewed and featured in The Onion, Irish American News, 89.3 the Current, and Radio K. He has made illustrations for Nike, American Apparel, Andrew WK, Diplo, Rhymesayers Entertainment, Jagjaguwar Records, Troma Films, City Pages, Flaunt Magazine, Good Magazine, Surface Magazine, the Seattle Weekly, Dining Out Magazine, and other musical, arts, magazines, and film projects. Michael has orchestrated over ten city-wide scavenger hunts as performance art/public art in Minneapolis, MN and Portland, OR. He recently was accepted and awarded the highest scholarship (for painting) to SFAI and will start his MFA program in Aug.